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Welcome to Artisan Gun Works website..... 

You can expect and will receive great customer service, excellent quality & attention to your specific needs,  plus my personal desire to achieve perfection for your firearm, as if it was my own, all the unparalleled services & quality you have become accustomed to..and deserve..Artisan Gun Works looks forward to servicing old & new customers / friends .... 

Accurrizing long range, large caliber hunting rifles are done to perfection ...don't ever let that once in a lifetime animal strut away..... Accurrizing including Action & rifle bedding, pillar bedding, bolt sleeving & lug lapping to name a few..... I also offer 100 yd. bench-rest sighting of your rifle, with a state of the art no human contact trigger pull system to remove human error, the rest system pulls the trigger via a hydraulic line..

A "full-time" experienced, perfectionist, Gunsmith, with a separate +/- 1600 s.f. steel building, completely dedicated to just the repair of firearms, using the best equipment available and using the best practices known.  I have 100's of references from customers from as far away as every State bordering New Jersey.  I work on firearms so old everyone else turns away the work.  I pride myself in perfection, nothing less is absolutely "NOT" acceptable to me and I expect nothing less for my customer's, who all end up becoming friends.  Having the space for the best equipment insures your firearm is repaired, re-built, accurrized or restored using the right machines  & not just multi-use tools. 

Would you be more comfortable an​d as​sured if you b​rought your firearm to

From the use of some of the oldest tools to some of the most modern    equipment that most shops do not have and certainly not any self-proclaimed home based hobby gunsmith / enthusiast would have access to.....The options offered in this well established shop are unlimited and are offered to allow the customer to get what they want...when they want it, without worrying about your gun being shipped all over the country to achieve the end result. 

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​Would you trust your firearm to someone who is not "Insured" or  working out of their garage Gunsmithing part-time??  

Even if a part is not available from one of close to 100 supplier's I deal with, then I have a milling machine & metal-lathe to get your ole gun in working condition...Precision part making, detail oriented craftsmanship that allows me to accept work that no others would even dare to take on...  I have a relentless demand for accuracy,  quality and precision, so even if the customer may be  pleased,  it will not leave this shop  unless it is perfect to me, regardless of profit margins.